VentBoard [Level 2]


Entrepreneur: James C. Walker, PE

  • Owns and operates successful real estate appraisal co. in NH
  • BS, Civil Engr., Clemson
  • MS, Arch. Engr., Penn State
  • MBS, Univ. St. Thomas 

Innovation Background and Milestones:

  • Ventilated roof sheathing for residential applications. Click truck video below for further description
  • 6 patents, 5 pending
  • Prototypes tested at Univ. of Maine
  • Conducted 40 interviews with builders/contractors

Problem Solved

  • Residential: Ice dams in cold climates
  • Residential: Hot attics in hot/mild climates

Winning Proposition

  • Guaranteed no ice dam issues
  • Cooler attics when ducts are located in hot attics which lowers energy cost and improves comfort

Next Steps:

  • Find collaboration partner
  • Conduct field installations to determine design specifications
  • Marketing analysis for targeted launch