Our partners are passionate about industry change. With over 40 years of experience, their bold approach to relentless innovation will provide top-tier, unmatched horsepower to your leadership.

Calvin Trumbo

Mr. Trumbo has been an innovator in the building construction industry for more than 25 years from creating groundbreaking products and processes to new business lines. He has held many roles throughout his career that have given him great insight into creating innovative approaches to find and develop profitable products and services. The key to success is being able to look at an opportunity, find unique insight and visualize a path to commercialization in the most efficient manner.  Mr. Trumbo holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and MBA from the University of Colorado.

Colby Swanson

Mr. Swanson is a leading residential construction expert, innovator, technology scout and serial entrepreneur. He has a 360 degree understanding of the industry working as a framer/builder, building failures forensics expert, utility/insurance consultant, and corporate strategist. It is these unique perspectives that allow Mr. Swanson to see the trajectory of industry trends and product needs many years into the future. Upon graduating with a BS degree in Biochemistry he started his first of six companies, three of which are still active.  


  • Built from scratch Innovation Teams at five major corporations                       '05 thru '16
  • Engaged ~20K employees/customers via Texting and Online platform             '10 thru '16
  • Launched new product/services w/ $250M+ annual revenue potential            '10 thru '16 
  • Vetted 50+ new innovation opportunities w/ $2B+ annual revenue potential   '13 thru '16 
  • Created 30+ prototypes of various new innovations                                        '13 thru '16 
  • Conducted 10 market and technical assessments                                            '14 thru '16 
  • Authored 5 visionary strategic roadmaps                                                         2016 
  • Hosted 3 company-wide innovation seminars                                                   2016