At Momentum Innovation Group (MIG), we operate as your external innovation team - Focused, Expeditious, Affordable.  


Photo:Jeff Bullas

Photo:Jeff Bullas


Staying focused on a key initiative is difficult. Typical working environments keep you sidetracked with multiple responsibilities, endless meetings, and tedious paperwork...we have none of those distractions.

Painter: Edvard Munch

Painter: Edvard Munch


By staying focused and side-stepping typical office distractions, we operate at five times the productivity of typical employees. Add to this our natural curiosity and penchant for results, we can boil oceans and find needles in haystacks.

Photo: Jake Givens

Photo: Jake Givens

Variable capacity

Why buy when you can rent? Sometimes you just need to borrow an expert. Whether you need someone with a focused skill or another set of qualified hands for a special project, we can help without committing to the long-term cost of dedicated internal innovation resources which can run north of $300,000 per year.  



Industry innovation can be extremely slow with many great ideas never seeing the light of day. Humans and corporate structure both naturally resist change and can stifle essential exploratory and early development phases. Innovation stagnation occurs because corporations are uncomfortable managing unchartered territories. We have spent our careers navigating murky waters and it takes a lot less money and time than you might think. Let MIG be your lighthouse.


Our approach is straightforward: "Get in, get out, leave no trace...except for new revenue streams." At Momentum Innovation Group we value quick results and push our clients to have an attitude of "What If" when innovating new or old products and services. Our process is designed for success and adaptability and focuses on platform innovation that allows many pivots. The categories below represent the structural elements of our innovation platform:


Reverse Ideation Services


Innovating can be fun, but the hardest part is taking the first step. To help you do this, we offer specific and tangible services to jump-start your innovation engine. And by the way, the first step isn't an expensive market overview, brainstorming, or focus group.  

  • Technology Scouting
  • Innovation through Constraints - Subtraction - Division
  • Reverse Conferencing
  • Capability Adjacencies

Business Model Innovation Services


A widely misunderstood concept is the "business plan." MBA's are taught to write a business plan then execute the plan. The trouble is your written document is rarely correct. Business plans are a point in time; a Business Model is dynamic, always adjusting and informed by new information. Here's how we do it:

  • Value Proposition Design and Testing
  • Business Model Canvasing
  • Rapid Prototyping and Validation
  • Compelling Business Model Storytelling

Employee + Customer Intimacy Services


Most companies agree that their greatest asset is their people and their customers ... then why are so many of them are uninspired, feel neglected or generally disengaged? We have found that these two "hidden in plain sight" assets are a major key to sustainable innovation and accelerated success. Engagement is less about ideation and more about problem identification and solutions.

  • Employee and Customer Challenges
  • Key Stakeholder Engagement
  • Culture Building through Transparent and Virtuous Dialogue

A 2 B Commercialization


Commercialization, or sometimes called "Back End Innovation," should only be about speed and customer experience. However, the current model is fraught with patent delays, legal hoops, testing advertising slogans and many other low value, high cost obstacles. We keep the focus on speed to market, customer experience and delivering profits.

  • Human Centered Design and Delivery
  • StageGate Process Implementation and Training
  • Portfolio Management
  • Legal Shortcuts